9 Halloween Attractions That Went Too Far

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5 Halloween Myths That Will Not Die

5 Halloween Myths That Will Not Die

HowStuffWorks investigates tough-to-kill Halloween myths like razor blades in apples, drugs in candy and black cat abuse.

Author's Note: 10 Halloween Attractions That Went Too Far

As someone who hates scary movies and haunted houses, and who has the world's strongest startle reflex, this article further confirms my aversion to everything and anything scary. And to wandering around in dark, confined spaces, where you can get hurt in any number of ways.

But the most chilling part of researching this story was finding out about the existence of such places as McKamey Manor. With all of the people in the world suffering from PTSD, why in the world would people voluntarily subject themselves to this? The people behind the creation of these "attractions" freely admit they love scaring people senseless — it gives them a rush. That, alone, is creepy enough for me.

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