5 Kids' Halloween Party Invitation Ideas

Enlist your kids' help to create kid-friendly invitations.
Enlist your kids' help to create kid-friendly invitations.
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The classic jack-o-lantern. Flying witches. Ghoulishly delightful ghosts. Why stray from what works? Because you can be more creative than that, that's why.

HowStuffWorks and TLC have five Halloween party invitation ideas that will tempt you to put down the pre-packaged pumpkin cards and up your ghoulish game. Read on!




If you're trying to reduce your carbon footprint, don't just go orange and black this Halloween. Think green. Choose invitations that are printed on recycled paper or tree-free paper (some made from elephant poop!). Also consider seeded paper. It germinates when you plant it, making it both reusable and recyclable.

If you'll be hosting a relatively small number of guests consider turning your invitations into a fun craft project for the kids. Paint important party invitation information onto small pumpkins or gourds to transform them into invites - when the party's over, toss 'em into the compost pile.




Whether you're trying to save trees or save time, electronic communication is the way many of us do business these days. Why should party invitations be handled differently?

Online invitation sites offer a variety of virtual cards for you to design and deliver to your guests. Try sites like evite.com or pingg.com for free party invitations for all ages, and if you can't resist the aesthetics of nice design, check out the virtual cardstock at Paperless Post.


Having a small party? Make a quick call to each guest with 'save the date' details.


DIY Halloween Invites

Get kids in on the party planning by having them make homemade, personalized Halloween invitations. Break out craft supplies such as paper (or blank note cards), glue, markers, crayons and scissors and plan your invite theme. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Bats
  • Spiders
  • Black cats
  • Pumpkins (of course)
  • Monsters
  • Dracula
  • Frankenstein
  • Witch's Cauldrons
  • Skeletons
  • Ghosts

Draw, color, cut and add party information and voila, you're invitations are done. And maybe you've started a new Halloween tradition in the meantime.



Make sure your invitations are light enough to fit into a standard envelope by choosing standard cardstock or construction paper.


Themed Halloween Party Invitations

Let your guests know the atmosphere of your upcoming party by picking a specific theme. Not only does this make the guest comfortable in knowing what to expect when they arrive, it helps build their anticipation and creative with costumes before the big event. Throwing a little devils party for the kids? Send out pitch-forked party announcements. Perhaps it's a time to go a bit "batty?" Let that kooky theme come out in your invitation! Is it a masquerade affair that includes masks, dancing and wine for the adults? Guests will appreciate knowing up front.

The more specifics you can provide, the better: date, time, place, RSVP information and required attire (come in costume, bring a pumpkin for carving, etc.).


If you plan on holding a costume contest, a sure hit for the little ones, be sure to put it on the card, lest that surprise ends up being part of your bag of party tricks.


Photo Cards

Put your photography skills to use early enough this season and you'll be able to use a photo (or collage of photos) of your costumed kids or family as the highlight of this year's party invitation.

Photo cards are quick and easy to make and can be designed and ordered online at sites such as Shutterfly.com, KodakGallery.com or Snapfish.com. Just upload a digital photo and type in the details of your haunted happenings. Order a few weeks ahead to be sure they arrive in time for you to mail them out to your guests.


Alternatively, hit your local drug store or discount retailer (such as Walmart or CVS pharmacies) for a quick turnaround and print.