5 Ideas for Outdoor Halloween Decor on a Budget



Picking out the right pumpkin to turn into the jack-o'-lantern for your entryway or porch is an autumn tradition for many people. And who doesn't love the orange glow from a pumpkin's toothless (or toothy) grin?

While you could pick up a pumpkin carving kit to ensure you have the right tools for the job, you probably have the right tools in your kitchen and garage. Some carve easily with a knife and spoon but don't overlook things like melon ballers, ice cream scoops and small, serrated saws (they'll cut better than a kitchen knife). Another tip: Use a small, battery powered light or a glow stick instead of a candle to keep visitors (and your pumpkin) safe from burns.

Looking for a way to bring jack-o'-lanterns into your yard without the fuss of carving? Pick up a few orange, pumpkin-faced trash bags to fill as you rake the leaves in your yard.