5 Ways to Make Some Halloween Noise


DIY Sound Effects

Why spend money on sound effects when many are easy to record around your own house? Look to Foley artists and sound designers - they're the people who make movie and television sound effects, everything from the noise made when a match is lit to a thunderstorm - for tips and tricks. Here are some of the ones we found to be both easy and clever:

  • Record ghostly footsteps by knocking the heels of your shoes together.
  • Snapping carrots or celery can mimic the sound of breaking bones.
  • Pop balloons and slam doors for loud surprises. Slinkys can do more than walk the stairs - jiggle them and they'll sound like rattling chains.
  • Creepy moan sounds are even scarier when echoed through paper towel tubes or PVC tubing.
  • And when it comes to evil cackles and blood curdling screams? Go ahead and let 'em rip.