5 Ideas for DIY Theme Halloween Parties


Great Pumpkin Party

Pay homage to the Peanuts gang with an "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" themed party. It's a great choice for kids and teens and loved by most parents.

Of course, the evening should center around a viewing of this 1966 holiday classic. Instead of munching on popcorn during the flick, consider serving partygoers toasted pumpkin seeds. And instead of Halloween candy, serve a pumpkin-flavored treat, like pie, or pumpkin-shaped cookies.

Follow the viewing with a pumpkin carving or crafting event. Take-home goodie bags should, of course, contain a rock (pivotal to the Great Pumpkin storyline!).

Tip: Make it a costume party by asking guests to come dressed as their favorite character from the movie.