5 Ideas for DIY Theme Halloween Parties


Haunted House

You might think that putting together a haunted house party requires a lot bigger budget than an average Halloween event. Not necessarily. Going the DIY way can save dough and be just as fun. It might just take a little more pre-planning to keep it cost-effective.

Here are a few tips:

  • Pick a specific theme for your haunted house party and focus on its details. A modern-day mad scientist theme, for example, might be scarier and cleverer than your everyday ghost and goblin affair.
  • Lighting definitely sets the mood, too. Replacing a few regular bulbs with dim, blue or red lights might do the trick.
  • Consider renting a fog machine from your local party store.
  • Hit your local craft store for decorations instead of the Halloween store aisles.
  • Enlist the family to be characters in your haunted house.