5 Timeless Costume Ideas for Young Kids

Lots of kids enjoy playing dress up. Make Halloween extra special with a creative costume.
Lots of kids enjoy playing dress up. Make Halloween extra special with a creative costume.
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Adults can dress up for Halloween and revel in the fun, but there's nothing quite like putting on a costume and trick-or-treating as a child. For parents, Halloween costumes make for cherished photo ops for the family albums as well. Until kids are old enough to request specific costumes, the onus is on the parents to come up with cute ideas. For younger tykes, parents should select something comfortable for the child to wear all evening and relatively simple to put together.

These five timeless Halloween costumes are guaranteed to look adorable on little boys and girls -- and they won't require a lot of shopping around to complete




One of the easiest, no-brainer costumes for girls that looks precious year after year is a princess outfit. To transform your little girl into a princess, all you'll need is a frilly dress, a tiara or headdress and a scepter. Costume jewelry, white gloves and slippers are optional add-ons. Premade princess costume sets are also easy to find. You can distinguish your princess by adding a set of wings and magic wand to the costume to make her a fairy princess, or you may want to pick out a specific princess character to model her ensemble after.



Younger kids will have a lot of fun fighting off the bad guys on Halloween in their super cool superhero costumes. While you could shell out the extra cash for branded characters, such as Batman and Power Rangers, a custom costume doesn't take special powers to construct. A sweat suit emblazoned with the tiny superhero's unique logo (a lighting bolt, starburst or the like) comprises a bulk of the costume. Then, kids just need a cape and a cloth mask to complete the ensemble. A brightly colored construction paper cutout decorated with the superhero logo can be taped onto an everyday belt to create a utility belt.


Cowboys & Cowgirls

There's a good chance that young kids have almost everything involved in a cowboy or cowgirl costume already in their closets. Toss on a pair of jeans and a plaid shirt, and children are halfway to finalizing the country costume. Kids' cowboy hats are easy to find and generally cost less than $10.

Vests, boots and bandanas also make for cute finishing touches to the outfit. Finally, a yellow or gray construction paper star can turn a plain old cowboy or girl into a sheriff!



Supernatural Creatures

A fun way to get into the spooky spirit of Halloween is by dressing up your little one as a supernatural creature. Two quick and easy options for younger babies and toddlers are angels and demons. Parents can put them in a white or red infant bodysuit or outfit; then, the tot can wear a headband sporting a halo or devil horns. Of course, a witch costume is also one of the most classic Halloween characters, and the signature black hats are available to fit even small heads. Or, to make things as effortless as possible, grab an old sheet, cut out two eye holes and a mouth hole, and a kid can dress up as an old-school ghost.


Animals Big and Small

Animal and insect Halloween costumes are always sure to hit the mark for younger kids. Stores sell a veritable menagerie of infant and toddler zip-up suits, such as lions, ladybugs, giraffes and dogs. You can use an eyeliner pencil can draw cute animal noses and whiskers on kids' faces. Parents can decorate baseball hats with floppy felt ears for a puppy or elephant costume, among other possibilities. With the right headdress, the rest of the costume can simply consist of pants and long shirts or sweaters in the appropriate animal colors. For example, if a little girl takes dance classes, she could wear her black leotard and tights as part of a cat costume. With a little creativity, kids can become any animal they wish on Halloween night.