5 Halloween Candy Alternatives


Pre-packaged Snacks

Instead of giving away chocolate bars and candy, pick up healthier pre-packaged options this Halloween. Replace chocolate bars with granola bars and fruit chews with dried fruit packs. Also consider adding single serving bagged pretzels, juice boxes and cheese sticks to your treat bowl, but keep them low-calorie, low-fat versions.

Though it sounds like a good idea, handing out fresh fruit or homemade treats isn't necessarily a good idea unless you really know your neighborhood trick-or-treaters. Most parents will throw suspect food items away in an effort to keep kids safe.

If it just doesn't feel like Halloween without candy, adjust the portion sizes: offer bite-sized candy or sugar-free items instead of full-sized or full-sugar. Willy Wonka may need to cut back the Oompa Loompa's hours at the factory.