5 Easy Pumpkin Carving Patterns



Want a fancifully designed pumpkin this Halloween but lack a steady hand? Try stenciling. You'll find holiday stencils in your local arts and crafts or you can download patterns through a Web search for Halloween stencils. Many are free and some let you design your own.

While you might have experience using a stencil on a wall in your home, stenciling on a pumpkin is a bit more difficult because it isn't a flat surface. For best results, tape the stencil to the pumpkin - don't be shy with the tape - and take extra care not to crease the pattern, or you could warp your design. With the stencil in place, tap or swirl a paint-loaded brush or sponge inside the stencil openings.

Alternatively, you could carve the pattern of your stencil into your pumpkin. Transfer the pattern from the stencil to the outer skin of your pumpkin with a transfer tool - the transfer tool will leave behind pinpricks that make a guide for you to follow with your carving saw.