5 Budget Halloween Party Favor Ideas

By: Maria Trimarchi

Shot of a table with Halloween decoration
These budget-friendly party favors will help you save money without skimping on the goodies. Fotostorm/Getty Images

The costumes, the candy, the decorations, the party favors... throwing a Halloween party seems to quickly turn itself into a pricey affair, doesn't it? No worries. We have a few suggestions for keeping the party favors economical while keeping your guests happy.



5: Grow Your Own Pumpkin

Throw an annual pumpkin carving party? Send your guests home with a party themed gift: pumpkin seeds!

Let guests know to save the pumpkin innards as they carve. Once the carving fun is over, remove the seeds from the pulp, rinse them and pick out the biggest ones. These are the best to save for planting. Be sure to send your guests home not just with the seeds but also with growing instructions.


Instructions: Place seeds flat on a dry paper towel and allow to air dry for about a week. When ready to plant, choose a sunny spot in the yard and form a hill of dirt about three feet in diameter. Place a few seeds in the middle of the mound, about six inches between each seed. Cover with an inch of dirt and water and watch 'em grow!

4: Buy Bulk

Planning to hand out party favors at this year's Halloween party but don't want to break the bank? Make a visit to your local warehouse and dollar stores (either in store or online) and buy party favors in bulk. Not only will you find a big variety of favors at these stores you can bring home a lot for a little amount of money.

Think small and fun, like bubbles, bouncy balls, spider rings and temporary tattoos. Or, if your party has a specific theme, look for something to compliment that, instead.


3: Food

If you're spending time whipping up a party menu, why not spend a little extra time making special treats to send home with your guests? Enlist your kids' help with ideas and decorations. Decorate caramel apples or ghostly cookies, wrap candy corn or roasted pumpkin seeds in orange and black wrapping or usher in the beginning of the winter season by sending guests home with a small container of homemade cocoa mix and a little bag of mini marshmallows.

Take note, though, that giving out homemade foods to trick-or-treaters is a waste -- most parents will throw away any unwrapped or homemade foods for safety concerns.


2: DIY

Having a do-it-yourself craft project planned for a party, especially a kids' party, is always a crowd pleaser. For example, buy bulk in glue, paper, glitter, markers and Halloween-themed stickers and have little ones make their own masks, bats, ghosts, whatever their imagination wants.

Happen to be one of the few people around with a Polaroid camera and film? Send your guests home with a shot of them from your party -- what better party favor can you give than a snapshot of themselves having a great time?


1: Party Favors: Who Needs 'Em?

According to the Clean Air Council, each American generates more than 4 pounds of trash every day (about an average of 56 tons of trash every year), and about 30 percent of that waste comes from packaging. Why contribute to our planet's growing waste problem by handing out packaged party favors at this year's Halloween bash?

Let's face it, most adults and older kids don't expect party favors. And many are likely thrown away soon after the party (who needs another little plastic thingy?). A nice alternative: make a donation to a local charity in your guests' honor instead.