10 Mommy-and-me Halloween Costumes


Famous Duos

Donning the garb of a famous pair is the perfect chance to delve into history or have a little fun with current pop culture. You can take the opportunity to teach your kids about historical figures like George and Martha Washington, or fictional characters from literature or the silver screen, like a tot-sized Rhett Butler and a mommy-sized Scarlett O'Hara. Moms with two daughters might enjoy giving the Kardashian sisters a run for their ample money with flowing, glossy wigs and fashionable duds. Others might choose to celebrate more kid-friendly pairs, like Barbie and Ken, Smurfette and any given Smurf or Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.

The best part is that while Halloween costumes are typically outrageously expensive, many of the duds used for these options can likely be found in your closet. For those pieces you don't already have in your wardrobe, you can pick and choose from endless affordable options at outlets and thrift stores. Honestly, your biggest expense might be springing for your babe's Bieber-style haircut!