10 Mommy-and-me Halloween Costumes



Capes and superpowers aren't just for boys! You and your mini-me can choose established female superheroes -- like Wonder Woman or the X-Men's Storm -- and go as a candy-eating, crime-fighting female duo. You can also feminize a traditionally male character like Spiderman by donning a pair of costumes in his standard red-and-blue design.

Of course, if you're hitting houses with your little man, you can mix and match heroes and go as Batman and Batgirl, or if you want to a too-cute-for-words team (and don't mind a little cross-gender dressing), let your kid be the star as Batman while you tag along as a much taller Robin.

If the two of you want to go out in the most recognizable super-outfits of them all, you can patrol the neighborhood as any Superman-Supergirl combo. You can even personalize your costumes by forgoing the giant "S" and opting for a more personalized touch, like the first letter of your last name.