10 Cool Ideas for Halloween Parties


Masquerade Ball

Another Halloween, another invitation to a costume party. Shake it up a little by throwing a masquerade ball -- it just sounds more fun, doesn't it? A masquerade event is, yes, technically a costume party, but can be even more festive and elegant.

First decide if your masquerade party will have a theme, and if it will be all ages. Then set the tone with your invitations -- let your guests know that costumes are encouraged, masks are a must. Who's the scariest of them all? The most mysterious? The most elegant? Include a costume contest as part of your party and have guests vote on the scariest, funniest, and best overall.

And what's a ball without music? Your playlist of Halloween-themed music can be as trendy and fun as "Thriller" or "Monster Mash" or pick of orchestral soundtracks for your ball, such as "Phantom of the Opera" or scary movie mixes.