10 Fun for Fido Halloween Costumes

No tricks, just treats, for this adorable pooch!
Discovery Creative Library

In some families, Halloween is strictly a kids' holiday. The youngsters get all dolled up and spooked out and hit the town while Mom or Dad (and the pets) stays home and doles out candy. Bor-ing. There's no reason that the whole gang can't get in on the Halloween action -- dogs included. Plenty of towns have special dogs-only Halloween events, but you don't need an official pet parade to promenade your pup. Just take them out trick-or-treating with the rest of the family!

The sky's the limit when it comes to dreaming up a doggie costume, but you do need to take your dog's temperament into account. Some dogs, obviously, take better to wearing glasses, wigs and dresses than others do. Your nervous shih tzu probably wouldn't enjoy an elaborate pony costume, but a more laid-back dog might be up for anything -- we know a boxer that actually has her own personal box of costumes. And, of course, your dog's comfort and safety should always be your top priority. That headless horseman costume you worked on for three months won't last three minutes if your dog can't see to walk down the street.

If you're thinking of parading your pooch this Halloween, check out our list of 10 costumes that'll be sure to turn heads.