Christmas Tree Stories

'O Christmas Tree'
©2007 Publications International, Ltd. The family had a lively discussion about the best type of tree to buy for Christmas.

Jenny said, “Just think. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!” Jenny and Matt and Michelle were excited. Today they were going with their father to buy the Christmas tree. “I know just what kind of tree we should have,” said Jenny. “A tree tall enough to touch the ceiling. That would be perfect.”

“No,” said Matt. “Our tree should be big and wide. That’s more important than tall.” “What I think,” said Michelle, “is that it should be the most special tree ever!” Mother smiled. “You’re right about that, Michelle,” she said. “We all want it to be the most special tree ever.”

Then Father said, “All right, let’s get going!” Jenny and Matt and Michelle hurried to put on their coats and mittens, bundling up against the winter wind. It was a long way to the Christmas tree lot. “Look in that store window,” said Jenny when they got to town. “I see a toy shop with elves making toys.” “And I see Rudolph and the other reindeer in that one!” cried Matt.

Michelle looked, too, but she had other things on her mind. She was searching for the Christmas tree lot. It seemed to take forever to get there. But Father finally said, “Well, here we are.” Michelle was the first to run over to the fence. Jenny quickly spotted the tree she wanted. She picked out a very tall, thin pine. “This is the one,” she said.

©2007 Publications International, Ltd. Jenny liked the tall, thin pine. She just knew this was the one.

But Matt said, “Here is a better one.” He pointed to a short, wide tree with full branches. None of the Christmas trees seemed right to Michelle. Then, in a corner of the lot, she saw a scraggly little tree that seemed to say, “Please pick me. I want to be your tree.” “Here is the one I want,” called Michelle. The others came over.

At first they laughed at such a small tree, but finally Father said, “All right. If you insist, this is the one it will be.” When they got home, Mother was surprised to see such a small tree. “Michelle insisted,” said Father with a smile, “so here it is.” Just then, Grandma and Grandpa arrived. “Now we can all decorate the tree together,” said Matt.

©2007 Publications International, Ltd. The family worked hard to make their special little Christmas tree beautiful.

Jenny made a special string out of beads she had been saving. She wound them around the tree’s branches. Matt hung the special toy soldier ornament he had made at school. And Michelle put her angel doll at the very top. Grandma said, “Your tree is a bit small, but you have made it look beautiful. I can see why you love it so. I think it’s a special tree, too.”

The next night, Christmas Eve, everyone gathered around the tree to sing:

O Christmas tree! O Christmas tree!

Your leaves are faithful ever!

O Christmas tree! O Christmas tree!

Your leaves are faithful ever!

Not only green when summer glows,

But in the winter when it snows,

O Christmas tree! O Christmas tree!

Your leaves are faithful ever!

As they sang, right before their eyes, the little tree became more and more beautiful. Lights twinkled from every branch, and its bright bulbs sparkled. The little tree seemed to be saying, “Look how beautiful I am, and how happy I am to be your Christmas tree!” The next morning was Christmas! When the family got up, the little tree was as beautiful as ever.

©2007 Publications International, Ltd. The family thought the little Christmas tree became even more beautiful overnight.

Santa had filled all their stockings and left presents under the tree. “Oh!” cried Jenny. “Look at this doll house. And it even has furniture inside!” Matt said, “This train engine is great! I can’t wait to try it out!” And Michelle squealed, “What a beautiful doll Santa left for me! I think I’ll name her Sally.”

As it saw the happy children, the little tree seemed to smile and say, “I’m proud to be your special Christmas tree.” A week after Christmas, Grandma and Grandpa left. Then mother said, “It’s time to take down our Christmas tree.” “I know what,” said Michelle. “Let’s plant our tree in the yard. That way well always have it. Maybe it will grow.”

But Jenny and Matt laughed. “You can’t plant a Christmas tree in a yard, silly,” said Jenny. “Can’t we please just try?” begged Michelle. “All right,” said Father. “I know how much you children have loved our special little tree. We’ll try. But don’t expect it to work.” And so Father dug a hole, and they all held a little tree-planting ceremony.

©2007 Publications International, Ltd. Little Michelle wanted her special Christmas tree to live forever, so dad planted it in the yard.

All winter long, Michelle kept a special watch over her little tree. Every day, she looked out the window to see if the tree was still standing in the snow. At first, Jenny and Matt smiled when they saw Michelle at the window. “Doesn’t she know that a Christmas tree can’t be planted?” Matt whispered to Jenny.

But before long, Jenny and Matt began to look out the window every day with Michelle. “At first I thought your idea was silly,” said Jenny “But maybe it really will work.” “I know it will,” said Michelle. “I think our little tree loved us as much as we loved it.”

©2007 Publications International, Ltd. Michelle kept a close eye on the tree all winter long. She knew in her heart that her tree would grow.

Spring finally came. On the first warm day, Jenny and Matt and Michelle went outdoors. Michelle ran to see their little tree. She called, “Jenny, Matt, come look!” Jenny and Matt came running over. Sure enough, there were some bright green new branches growing from the tree.

“I told you our Christmas tree was special!” Michelle said. “I knew it would be here for us in the spring.” With that, Jenny and Matt and Michelle made a circle around the little tree and began to dance around it, singing, “O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, your branches green delight us.”

©2007 Publications International, Ltd. The children were delighted to see how the special tree had grown. They did lots of singing and dancing to celebrate.

The little tree waved its new branches in the warm spring wind. It seemed to smile and say, “Thank you for being so kind to me. Now each time you look at me, you can remember Christmas. It will be like having the spirit of Christmas in your yard all year ’round!”