Christmas Tree Stories

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Just how powerful a symbol is the Christmas tree? The four stories in the following article answer that question in a meaningful and entertaining manner. They offer explanations for the origin of Christmas trees and for the lights that now customarily adorn them every yuletide season.

These stories also impart important lessons: Any Christmas tree, given the right kind of attention, can be perfect, and even humble things take on exalted meaning in the eyes of Christ.


Here are summaries of our four Christmas tree stories:

  • "The First Christmas Tree"Did you know that an oak was the inspiration for the first Christmas tree? In this informative story, we learn how an eighth-century monk named Boniface chopped down an oak tree to prove an important religious point, and ended up viewing a small fir sapling as a miracle.
  • "The First Christmas Tree Lights"Ever wonder about the origin of Christmas tree lights? This story tells how Martin Luther changed the Christmas tree tradition with the addition of lights, the result of his frightening walk through the dark woods. It reveals the fascinating fact that Christmas trees were originally hung upside down, without lights.
  • "The Perfect Tree"This delightful story is told from the perspective of a small, unremarkable tree that worries whether it will be suitable for Christmas. Through the inspired care of a family, it fills the bill perfectly. Try reading this uplifting tale to a child -- it will teach him or her some valuable lessons about caring for others.
  • "The Tale of Three Trees"What if Christmas trees could talk? What would they say? In this profound Christmas tale, three trees have grandiose hopes for their wood after they're harvested, and all three are disappointed -- temporarily. Eventually, they all play meaningful roles in the life of Jesus Christ. Make this inspirational story part of your family's Christmas tradition.
  • "O Christmas Tree" Our collection of Christmas Tree Stories ends here with the story about a “special” Christmas tree everyone thought was too small. Read ‘O Christmas Tree’ to find out how this special tree turned into a bright, beautiful spectacle that would remain with one happy family forever.