6 Holiday Eating Tips

So often, I am asked to provide people with tips to get them through the holiday food orgy. It actually seems to start at Halloween and continues until New Year's Day. This is also the most challenging time for people who are trying to lose weight. For some of us, keeping it off is a daily struggle. However, at this time of year, your chance of adding a few pounds to your belly is better than winning any money with a lottery scratch 'n' win ticket.

This time of year seems packed with reasons to overindulge -- there is "holiday" just about every month, never mind any birthdays and other life celebrations. But remember: the holiday meals are NOT the Last Supper! Instead of going overboard on your food intake, make a commitment to re-evaluate your eating habits and fitness routines.

The key to weight balance is this simple formula:

Weight Balance = Energy Intake (food) - Energy Expenditure (exercise)

All foods can fit into a healthy diet. However, you must eat smaller portions, learn to just say "no" and accept that the farthest parking spot from the mall entrance is really a blessing to get you to burn more calories! Remember, your body is a temple and you need to take care of what you put into it.

Try these six tips to help you have a healthy holiday season.