5 Ways to Survive the Holidays With Your Family: A Movie Lover's Guide

Image Gallery: Christmas Everyone's home for the holidays -- and there's nowhere to run! Lay family drama to rest by watching a great Christmas movie. See more Christmas pictures.

It's that time of year again! The weather is frightful, Christmas music is everywhere, and you're stuck with your family without a school bus or a work commute in sight. There's nothing better than spending some extra time with your loved ones (it's what the holidays are all about, after all), but even the closest kin can get testy when they're together for days -- or even weeks -- at a time.

To help temper your ire when family time makes you feel almost homicidal, we'll take a look at what five of our favorite Christmas movies can teach us about handling family-related holiday stress. When your older brother polishes off the last Christmas cookies or your mother-in-law criticizes everything from the space she's been afforded in the guest room to the size of your TV, watching these holiday classics might help you remember why you're glad these people are in your life. And if that doesn't work, at least you'll get a genuine laugh, unlike the polite chuckles you've been forcing out for your sister's annoying new boyfriend.

How might a skull-faced protagonist, Old Saint Nick and the foreclosure rate relate to your Christmas? We'll start our countdown of holiday movie lessons on the next page.