5 Things Your Holiday Guests Won't Tell You


They Just Want to Relax

The entire holiday season is jam-packed with events, and your guests have been looking forward to a restful retreat. But as soon as they arrive, you're hustling them into your waiting minivan for the first of many planned activities! You want to make sure they see all the important sights and get a taste of the local happenings, but the truth is they'd rather take a load off on the couch. After all, they're on vacation.

Our advice? Toss out the itinerary and kick back with a bunch of old Christmas movies. Nothing says holiday family bonding like "It's a Wonderful Life."

However, if you worry that a few holiday classics won't be enough to see them through the entirety of their visit, you should have some back-up entertainment options — just in case. Board games, an accessible computer with an Internet connection, books, magazines and maybe even an Xbox will come in handy if you think there's a chance that your loved ones' weekend trip might turn into a multi-day stay.