5 Things Your Holiday Guests Won't Tell You


Your Pets Smell

It's fine that you're an animal lover, really. But some of your guests aren't too keen on the menagerie that dwells in your home. Odors from your cats' litter box waft unpleasantly throughout the house, effectively ruining everyone's appetites. Well, not yours — and not your cousin's, but he's so doped up on allergy medicine that he couldn't smell the difference between the cat box and a holiday roast.

The only thing worse than the odors are the PDAs. Please stop letting your dog kiss you on the mouth. Are you aware of where that tongue has been? Gross.

No one expects you to kick your furry boarders to the curb, but you could do a little more to shield your guests from your pets. Changing the litter everyday would be a great place to start, and confining your dog downstairs would put an end to all the unpleasant (and extremely unpopular) crotch sniffing that's been going on.