5 Things Your Holiday Guests Won't Tell You

Image Gallery: Christmas Everyone's smiling, but they're sick of your pooches and pillows. See more pictures of Christmas.

You've opened up your hearth and home to friends and family for the holidays, but the lodging you're providing is less than ideal. No, there's nothing wrong with your neighborhood, and everyone really does like your cooking. It's the little things you overlook that ensure your current houseguests will be future patrons of the hotel down the street.

Between your efforts to save a bit of money on the heating bill and the maddening repetition of a few Christmas classics, some of your boarders feel as though they're trapped in a Halloween house of horrors instead of a peaceful holiday haven. But don't blame yourself -- no one told you. That is, until now. Yes, TLC is here to save your Christmas season from disaster. So, if you want to learn what your guests really think about your holiday hospitality and what you can do to improve their opinions, keep reading.

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