10 Surefire Holiday Gift Ideas


Handbags and Computer Bags

The bags we carry say a lot about our personal style. Handbags, computer bags, evening clutches, wallets, shoulder slings - in a lot of ways, they've become as important as the rest of our outfits and accessories. And because we tend to switch them out by season and outfit, the opportunity to find a good bag for the right occasion can be pretty simple.

Before you start to shop, take note of the gift recipient's bag inventory and ask yourself a few questions, such as:

  • Do they need quick access to things like cell phones, MP3 players or baby bottles?
  • What colors do they wear - and do they match their bags with each day's outfit?
  • Do they gravitate toward prints or solids?
  • What materials do they seem to like?
  • Do they go for hip and trendy (and less expensive) bags or sink money into designer brands?
  • Do they tend to schlep around with one big bag or lots of smaller ones, such as purse, computer bag and wrist-strap wallet?
  • Do they need room for things like umbrellas or gym clothes?
  • Do they carry a laptop?
  • Is the recipient a commuter who might need space for shoes?
  • Do they go out a lot? If so, do they like clutches or evening bags?

Recommended for:

Friends, parents, tweens, teens, young adults, coworkers, sisters, wives, brothers, husbands, travelers, commuters, workout buddies, social butterflies, accessory hounds.