10 Surefire Holiday Gift Ideas


Books and Music

Just as we feel the impacts of a rollercoaster economy, retailers do, too. As they look for ways to stay competitive, they look for unique ways to vie for your hard-earned cash. Yes, folks, there's a price war going on and you can reap the benefit.

Online retailers are leading this charge, dropping prices on bestselling books and downloadable music - which, in turn, means that discount chain stores, book stores and even grocery stores are stocking their shelves with low-cost reading material and music.

Plus, there's a new player in the arena: e-readers. These downloadable books that fit right in your briefcase or pocketbook are only getting more technologically advanced, so competition is heating up.

Suggested for:

Friends, travelers, parents, teens, young adults, coworkers, sisters, wives, brothers, husbands, commuters, college students.