10 Surefire Holiday Gift Ideas


The Gift of Health and Fitness

As we gear up for the holidays, it's inevitable that we start to think about next year's goals and resolutions. December holiday plans of eating extravagant meals and lounging by the television slowly evolve into vows for a healthier lifestyle, from physical fitness to weight management and beyond.

Here are just a few ideas for gifts for those trying to achieve these goals, from low-cost jump ropes and yoga equipment to cardio machines.

  • Yoga clothing and Pilates mats
  • Workout clothing
  • Workout DVDs (all fitness genres)
  • Jump ropes and other cardio equipment
  • Punching bags and boxing gloves
  • Rowers, steppers and incline trainers
  • Weights and dumbbells
  • Bicycles and inline skates
  • Pedometers
  • Hydration systems and water bottles

Suggested for:

Workout buddies, friends with gym memberships, moms, dads, coworkers, kids, grandparents.