10 Surefire Holiday Gift Ideas


Classic Toys, Games and Activities

How long has it been since you've shouted "Candyland!" or buzzed the funnybone in a heated game of Operation? Action figures or dolls may come and go over the years, but by sticking to some simple toys, games and activities, you'll be able to find something for the child - or adult - on your list in no time flat.

Here are just a few ideas that range in price from a few dollars to about $25 to get you started:

  • Classic board game sets, like Monopoly, Checkers or Chess.
  • A couple decks of cards and a book of card games for all ages.
  • Lego sets.
  • Puzzles.
  • Drawing games.
  • Brain teasers.
  • Play-doh.

And for the little tikes just learning to talk, don't forget about the new versions of the old favorites that simply involve listening and repeating or building motor skills.

Suggested for:

Kids age 5 to adult, moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, new parents or friends.