10 Surefire Holiday Gift Ideas


Fantastic Fleece

Topping our list of 10 sure-fire holiday hits this season: fleece. From blankets to socks or scarves, this material has become an increasingly popular holiday gift. And for good reason.

Fleece products are typically machine-washable, lightweight and durable. Because they are derived from plastics and other synthetic materials, they're often considered to be both environmentally friendly. In addition, fleece products can be as low-cost or high-end as manufacturers want to make them. A simple polyester throw to use while drinking hot chocolate in front of the fireplace can be a great budget-friendly pick for this year's shopping list. A mountaineering, skiing or climber's-grade jacket with fleece and windproof materials? That might be a little more pricey.

Sure, there are a few disadvantages to using fleece products. They can be flammable, so avoid putting them in the dryer or using while too close to a campfire is not recommended. Fleece may also attract pet dander, pet hair and dust, so allergy sufferers beware.

Recommended for:

Men, women, family, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, kids, outdoorsy types, hikers, skiiers.