10 Misconceptions About Millennials

Millennials Are Social Media Experts
Not every millennial is a Facebook whiz or even loves social media. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Ever heard someone say, "We need to hire a young person to handle our social media"? That's a big generalization. It's true that millennials grew up right along with the technology revolution: the Internet, email, instant-messaging, cell phones, texting and social media. And a common complaint from members of older generations is that millennials are glued to their smartphones and tablets. Because of their addiction to their devices, and their penchant for social media (Facebook, Instagram and the like), it must follow that millennials are social media pros and junkies.

Sure, millennials as a whole are savvier than other generational groups at social media. A full 75 percent of them have at least one social-media account, while only half of Gen Xers do. (And baby boomers? Less than one-third!) [source: White House]. Yet, don't assume this makes any individual millennial automatically adept at social media or able to use it for business purposes. Marketing strategy goes beyond the ability to "tweet." Plus millennials aren't necessarily using the social platforms that match a company's needs. Of the top 15 mobile apps used by millennials, Twitter was 14th in popularity [source: Dua]. Finally, one 2013 workplace study showed millennials find today's always-plugged-in work environment stressful – more stressful than reported by Gen Xers and boomers [source: Cornerstone OnDemand].