10 Tips for Genealogy Scrapbooking

Include Heirlooms
Embellishments and heirlooms can add to the beauty of the page. Lisa J Goodman /Getty Images

Genealogy scrapbooking isn't just about people you share DNA with. Heirlooms, whether of significant monetary or sentimental value, often merit a place in your historical account. "My great aunt gave me items that belonged to the family," says Merrill. "I then photographed them and added them to the page so that future generations would know where the items in my china cabinet originated."

In addition to photos, add a smattering of details on the origin of the item(s), how they came into your possession and even their estimated current worth (if you know it) to help future generations trace their path through time. Consider it as your own personal "Antiques Roadshow!"