10 Tips for Genealogy Scrapbooking


Select a Theme

navy album
Themed books are a good way to go. For instance, you could do one that honors the servicemen and women in your family. Kathleen Warr at olddeadpeople.com/

It's super-easy to lose focus in the creation process, especially if you boast a large family, so develop a theme of sorts before the first photo hits the page. For example, if your lineage is filled with proud servicemen and women, consider a book that highlights the various branches, achievements, wars and other details of their time in the military. Or, devote an entire scrapbook solely to the women in your genealogical history and their accomplishments. By selecting a theme or focus, you'll avoid clutter and irrelevant information.

Scrapbooks are often made to serve as meaningful gifts, so consider your target audience before and throughout the process. "Something that you make for your 70-year-old father would be much different from what you would make for your 3-year-old child," says Kathleen Cogbill Warr with Old Dead People Genealogical Services. A scrapbook for a child could include pictures of toys and children from the past, as well as simple captions. For an older person, more details on family history and pages of letters.