10 People You Probably Didn't Know Were Black

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Having a Cherokee Ancestor Doesn’t Necessarily Make You Cherokee Too

Having a Cherokee Ancestor Doesn’t Necessarily Make You Cherokee Too

HowStuffWorks looks at what's legally required to join the Cherokee Nation.

Author's Note: 10 People You Probably Didn't Know Were Black

This was a fascinating article to research, especially because I was able to delve into personal histories. I found the experiences of Anatole Broyard and Michael Fosberg to be particularly poignant: Broyard for his ability and desire to skirt the issue of being born black, and Fosberg for embracing life as a black man after growing up white. And then there's the one-drop rule. What does it mean to be black? Or, in my case, Native American? I have Cherokee blood in my veins (and probably other ethnicities I don't even know about), but was adopted by a fantastic family when I was just seven days old. Naturally, I grew up identifying with my family. The idea of biology versus environment is an interesting one. With so many factors to shape our personalities and perceptions, who's to say whether we're formed by experience or ethnicity?

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