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Family Cookbook

Collect and keep your favorite recipes together in your own family cookbook that you can give as gifts to your children.
Collect and keep your favorite recipes together in your own family cookbook that you can give as gifts to your children.
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It's the morning of your 40th birthday and you suddenly find yourself craving the birthday cake your mom used to make and let you eat for birthday breakfast. Unfortunately, you don't have the recipe. Sounds like it's time to start another family tradition -- the family cookbook. Let's be honest, most holidays and special occasions revolve around food. And not just any food, but the homemade treats passed down and made by your family for decades. To keep these recipes and memories safe, why not collect all of your family's favorite recipes and put them in a binder for each of your children?

Next time you're all in the kitchen, snap a photo and add that to the front cover. Each year, as family members find and try out new recipes, make sure to add them to the book. Be creative with the titles too, because they will help you preserve the memory of the meal. You could add "Tom Finally Popped the Question Jalapeno Poppers" or "Space Shuttle Chicken" from that shuttle launch tailgate. Notes will add a special touch as well -- "Don't forget to forget the nutmeg, since Dad forgot it on Mom's birthday, and we decided it was better that way."

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