5 Traditions for Athletic Families



Keeping a training journal is a great way to remember how far you've come.
Keeping a training journal is a great way to remember how far you've come.

Forget the notion of athletes being dumb jocks. Sports are full of hilarious moments, unexpected challenges and life lessons, perhaps more so for family sports. That's why keeping a journal can be a priceless tradition for your fit family. Sometimes re-living the events can almost be more fun than the experience itself.

Imagine the whitewater rafting trip when Dad was bragging about his hand-eye coordination, only to get tossed overboard for one exhilaratingly cold moment? How about the time when Mom and Sis finished their first marathon together? Moments like those can be documented to ensure that all the colorful and moving details are captured and, perhaps, shared with the next generation.

Don't worry about being a Hemingway -- even just jotting down notes about finish times, weather conditions and the date of the event can spark wonderful recollections.

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