5 Traditions for Athletic Families


Annual Competitions

It's hard to get anywhere without a tangible goal on the calendar. Why else are fitness centers full right after the New Year but virtual ghost towns come March? Resolving to be healthy has to be tied to something like an annual competition. Race directors learned this lesson long ago, creating events like Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot 5ks or summer sprint-distance triathlons and relays which draw the same families year after year [source: Rosenzweig].

Yes, they are competitions, but that doesn't necessarily mean that mom is racing dad, or little Billy is trying to humiliate sister Suzy. Your family can train together, hold one another accountable, then set out on race day in pursuit of personal records -- attempting to better your times from years past. If you finish ahead of your loved ones, cheer them on as they enter the home stretch. What better place to build camaraderie than within your family?

You know what they say about all work and no play. Next, a tradition that may add a few calories but will keep your family focused for the long run.