5 Summertime Family Traditions

Summer means a traditional family getaway -- but where should you go?
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Do you spend all winter daydreaming about what you'll do in the summer? Come fall, do you spend time lamenting all the fun things you meant to do but didn't? One of the hard truths about growing up is that most adults don't really have summer in the same way we did when we were kids. Adults don't get two or three months of time blissfully free of most responsibilities and deadlines.

But don't despair. Instead, figure out a way to work the best, wonderful summertime family traditions into your schedule. Keep up the traditions you remember from childhood. If your family doesn't have summertime traditions to live up to, establish some. You'll give your kids memories for a lifetime – and have fun in the process.

Keep reading for ideas about some of the best tried-and-true family summertime traditions.