5 Stress-reducing Family Traditions



There are few American traditions more ubiquitous than the family vacation. It's something people look forward to and plan all year. And even though it's a lot of fun, it's also a legitimate tradition -- and a stress-reducing one, at that. A primary goal of family getaways is to create a break from the daily grind. This can be especially beneficial for adults, who tend to get caught up in the strains of their jobs. Studies have shown that when job stress is the problem, vacation can be a solution -- even if it's a temporary one [source: Whitbourne].

The restorative nature of vacations can have a domino effect. When parents have time to relax and unwind, kids can be more at ease, too. Not to mention, an annual trip can create an enduring family bond [source: Whitbourne].

If a vacation isn't in the budget for your family this year, try a staycation. Still take time off of work and regular responsibilities but fill it with fun activities like sleeping in, visiting local museums and parks, and having a nice dinner out. Just be sure to set boundaries so that it feels like a real vacation: no housework, e-mail or lawn mowing. Behave just as you would if you were on a trip out of town.

The final stress-reducing tradition can be done every night.