5 Stress-reducing Family Traditions


Religious Activities

If you're a family of faith, you might not realize that you already participate in a number of traditions: prayer before meals, preparing a Seder plate for Passover, fasting for Ramadan or lighting candles for Advent. Religious family traditions can be as structured as attending a house of worship once a week, or as informal as helping your kids count their blessings before bedtime. Not only are such activities important to your personal belief system, they can also be good for your family. Experts suggest religion can offer mental health benefits like hope, optimism, belonging, positive self-esteem and a sense of meaning [source: Routledge].

Of course not everyone is inclined toward religion. If you're not, that doesn't mean you and your family can't partake in certain spiritual practices. Meditation is a great stress reducer and something the whole family can join in. Why not make a habit of Sunday-morning quiet time each week? You can create a challenge to see who can be still and meditative the longest. You might even get your kids to help you create a meditation area in your home -- complete with tranquil elements like rock gardens and ambient music.

The next tradition is important, so try not to skip it.