5 Geeky Family Traditions


Annual Trip to Comic-Con

Adam Savage describes walking the Comic-Con 2011 floor as No-Face from "Spirited Away," and how a fan figured him out.

Comic-Con International is held each year in San Diego, which means it's the perfect destination for sun, sand and Superman. The convention spans four days and attracts thousands of attendees, many of whom are avid fans of traditional comic books and graphic novels.

Even if you're not a comic-book purist, Comic-Con can be a great place to take a deep dive into the vast and varied world of pop culture. Check out a movie premiere, listen to writers discuss their young-adult novels, attend a how-to workshop or meet the cast and crew of your favorite sitcom. No wonder families make the trek to San Diego year after year.

Many Comic-Con experts say that Sunday is the best day to bring the kids. The crowds are thinner, and there are many events targeting younger fans. For example, Comic-Con has welcomed the San Diego International Children's Film Festival on Sunday for several years running. The daylong programming features some of the finest films -- animation, live action and documentary -- for children of all ages, including the Best of Fest, a handful of the best short films and animation from all of the convention's previous years.

It's not Comic-Con unless you dress up as a superhero or a sidekick. So dig out your costumes and start a tradition that would make Spider-Man proud. And if you prefer to geek out in private, consider an evening at home with one of the most popular role-playing games ever made. That's next on our list.