5 Family Traditions to Help Your Kids in School

Merit-based Rewards

Though you are the final authority, it's important that you include your child in the process of making rules or establishing a reward system. This allows for your child to know what's expected as well as where you're coming from as a parent or caregiver [source: Tanner Nelson].

Nothing reinforces the importance of doing well in school like offering merit-based rewards for good work. Oftentimes, these special treats and activities are a part of a larger family tradition to examine a child's progress at the end of his or her unit or school year.

Your family's tradition may also include setting goals for certain milestones, including progress reports, throughout the school year. For instance, you may challenge your child to receive all A's or B's for each report card at the beginning of the year, checking back regularly to make sure he or she is on track. If you plan to devise a family tradition for good grades, remember to establish what the reward is beforehand, as it will give your child something to work toward. A fun outing or dinner, special toys and recreational classes are all fun reward options.

Keeping records of grades helps kids see how they're doing and lets parents know when they might need to speak with a teacher about their children's progress.

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