5 Family Traditions to Help Your Kids in School


Exploring Holidays

If only your kid approached homework with the same enthusiasm deployed writing to Santa's workshop at the North Pole every year. But don't despair; there are ways to channel this energy to create educational and fun activities that can help children in school.

Parents can channel their children's interests in holidays by teaching the history and significance of the celebrations. Take the first Thanksgiving, for example. The yearly observance stems from Europeans joining with Native Americans in a feast and thanking God for helping them survive in the New World. What may begin as learning about the Mayflower may result in your child inquiring more about the culture and history of a local Native American tribe.

Exploring holidays could also give kids a wider perspective of why people with different cultural and religious backgrounds celebrate certain holidays and not others. Priming children to think outside their own family traditions and culture can help them better grasp ideas in school that seem unusual or unfamiliar.

In addition, learning the roots of holidays gives children a better understanding of what the holiday means, especially if he or she has a superficial understanding and only associates the celebration with gifts.

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