5 Family Traditions to Help Your Kids in School


Enriching Outings

Educational family traditions may be as simple as visiting a museum, zoo or park every month.

Self-directed educational outings, often considered a type of free-choice learning that allows families to pursue their interests outside of school, expose children to topics they might not have the time to learn about extensively in the classroom. Research has shown that families benefit from hands-on learning experiences at museums, aquariums and zoos [source: Dierking et al.].

In fact, one study shows that kids may prefer learning at museums with their families and friends instead of classmates and teachers [source: Jensen]. Parents can coordinate outings to complement what's being taught in the classroom as well. Local colleges and museums are good places to start looking for educational events suitable for kids.

But who said the outings had to only offer perks to younger crowds? Adolescents and adults reap the benefits of enjoying this type of learning as well.

Learning the ins and outs of the scientific method can be tricky. Find out more about how to add science-fair flare to your family traditions on the next page.