5 Family Traditions for Sons


Start a Holiday Mealtime Tradition

Helping to make a holiday meal is a great father-son tradition.
Helping to make a holiday meal is a great father-son tradition.
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Helping in the kitchen is a good all year, but around the holidays, it's especially important. Young sons can decorate cookies for friends and family, and older boys can cut the turkey or ham before holiday dinner parties. Your kids can aid Mom in the kitchen by cooking a side dish, like sweet potato pie, or hand-washing the china after a big meal -- a tedious task that the cook doesn't always have time to do.

Regardless if you and your son are camping, volunteering at a local food bank or helping mom in the kitchen, starting (and keeping) a family tradition with your boy is one of the most important things you'll ever do. The two of you will make memories that you'll both cherish for the rest of your lives.

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