5 Family Traditions for Sons


Volunteer at a Thanksgiving Food Drive

Thanksgiving is a holiday that many of us spend eating copious amounts of food while sitting in front of the TV. While it's certainly a time to relax, eat and be merry with friends and family, this holiday is also an opportunity to reflect and be grateful for what you have and recognize that others may not be so fortunate. Get involved and volunteer with a local Thanksgiving food drive, and bring your son along to help.

This one-day event offers rewarding work for all age levels within a family unit, making it a great opportunity to bond with each other while also helping people in need. Not only will you spend quality time with your son, but the experience of working with a charitable organization will help him appreciate all he has and could even cause him to develop a few new skills, too. So this year, instead of lounging on the couch in your sweatpants after eating too much turkey, volunteer with your son at a food drive and make it an annual Thanksgiving tradition.

Of course, if the soup kitchens have enough volunteers on Thanksgiving, there are another 364 days in the year you can help. Teaching your son the importance of charity is a lesson that can be learned in any season.