5 Family Traditions for Sons


Cook Mother's Day Breakfast

Breakfast in bed is the perfect Mother's Day gift.
Breakfast in bed is the perfect Mother's Day gift.
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There's only one day a year where it's practically required that every family member take time to thank Mom for all her love and support. A great way to let the most important matriarch in your life know how much you care is by helping your son cook Mother's Day breakfast. Add a little cheese to scrambled eggs, toast some bread and pour a glass of fresh orange juice for a specially-made breakfast in bed. If you find cooking to be a challenge, simply toast frozen waffles and cut fresh fruit instead. Year after year, mix up the menu with your son, and have fun learning new dishes to serve Mom on the morning of her special day. As a finishing touch, pick her favorite flowers, like roses, tulips and daisies, and arrange them on the table in a pretty vase.