5 Family Traditions for New Babies


Create a Baby Card Book

Even if you're more likely to start a baby blog than a physical scrapbook and your child receives a play-pretend cell phone instead of a silver spoon from his grandparents, you may find some baby keepsakes difficult to part with. It's important to develop a system for storing keepsakes, as well as discerning what to keep in the first place. Early adopters of a "do I keep it?" decision tree can avoid creating Seussian stacks of memory boxes that threaten to take over house and home.

Priority keepsakes will likely include clothing and accessories that were worn in religious or cultural ceremonies, as well as a couple pieces that trigger strong memories of your baby's newborn days -- like that outfit she wore home from the hospital. Avoid keeping stuff like flowers and baby care items that won't stand the test of time. The flowers, even if properly preserved, will continue to slowly disintegrate.

One gray area is greeting cards. Sure, it makes sense to save a copy of the baby announcements you sent out. But what about the dozens of congratulatory cards you received? Consider compiling them into a binder that fits neatly on a shelf. Not only will you be more likely to enjoy the cards this way than if you tuck them into a storage box, but this little project takes only a few precious minutes to complete. Simply cut the cards apart at the seams, punch two holes in each side of the card and slip them onto binder rings [source: Design Editor].