5 Family Traditions for Daughters


DIY Daughter Traditions

Family traditions for daughters can take any form.
Family traditions for daughters can take any form.
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One of the most enriching aspects of family life is creating novel traditions that bond parents and daughters. Taking into account a daughter's interests and activities, moms and dads can create special traditions of their own, without having to rely on established cultural standards. For instance, mothers and daughters may enjoy getting pampered together with a spa day or a tea luncheon. Fathers and daughters can come up with their own traditions, too, such as father-daughter hikes or taking over the kitchen for a night to cook a fun dinner. Or the more adventurous parent-daughter pairs might prefer annual trips to see new sights together and get in some bonding time.

Family traditions for daughters don't have to be elaborate or expensive, either. Whatever provides a moment away from the business of growing up and fosters genuine friendship, love and timeless memories will do. And while daughters' important rites of passage are certainly meant to be honored, remember that daily traditions of a shared meal, conversations in the car or evening walks can be equally meaningful in a girl's life.

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