5 Family Traditions for a Cleaner Home


Seasonal Straightening

To keep your home neat and organized, start each new season with a family day devoted to deep cleaning and de-cluttering. While most families have the day-to-day chores pretty much under control, tackling the big stuff and preventing a clutter buildup can be much more difficult. Set a family tradition to begin each season by neatly storing last season's clothes, toys and sporting goods to make way for this season's stuff [source: Ewer]. Toss or donate items your kids have outgrown or worn out, and examine each current piece of clothing to make sure it's worth keeping.

The change of seasons also signals the need to identify problem areas that prevent you from maintaining a clean and orderly home [source: Kockler]. Families plagued by backpacks and jackets strewn across the kitchen counter can set up an organized landing area or mud room at the front door, with storage space to hold these items. If you find yourself arguing with kids about keeping their room clean, use the family cleaning day to explore new storage solutions, such as ceiling-mounted nets to hold a stuffed animal zoo and fabric cubes to keep shoes paired up.

This is also the perfect time to finally tackle the big projects you never seem to have time for, like cleaning out the garage or basement and cleaning the carpets.