5 Family Birthday Traditions


Organize a Slideshow or Video Viewing Party

Make your father's (or any other family member's) day feel festive with a slideshow or video party! Throw a viewing party every year and make it a family tradition, or just do it for particularly notable birthdays, like Dad's 60th. Ask your siblings to share photos or video clips with you and include the best ones in your project. They can showcase important events, milestones or accomplishments -- like a retirement party, a trip to Europe or the purchase of a new home -- but don't forget to document your family's daily life. If it's Dad's big day, for example, include shots of him with his friends and family, trips he took, candid solo images and even a few pictures of the two of you washing dishes. A sudsy shot of you both is sure to get some laughs.

This isn't just a gift -- it's an event -- so make an evening of it! Serve popcorn, send out playful invites and give copies of the final product to everyone in the family to keep.