5 Family Birthday Traditions


Make a Memory Jar

Whether it's the birthday of your mother, father, spouse or sibling, let your family member know how much you care by making a memory jar. Record some of your favorite memories of you and your sister by jotting down your thoughts and placing them in a container. If you want to make the gift even more special, you can write your memories on slips of pretty stationery, type them on a computer in different fonts or print them on colored paper. Include anything you want: Valuable life lessons she has taught you, qualities you admire or humorous moments the two of you shared.

It can be fun to add the same number of memories as the age of the recipient. If Mom's turning 50 this year, give her 50 thoughtful notes to open. Find an aesthetic container with a lid to house them all. Some ideas include an old-fashioned glass cookie jar, a small basket or a ceramic bowl or vase. Come up with a cache of memories on your own or invite other family members to contribute. Either way, this gift is truly as much fun to create and give as it is to receive.