10 Traditional Wedding Shower Games


Handbag Scavenger Hunt

You never know what you'll find in a woman's handbag, so the purse game is guaranteed to get big laughs.
You never know what you'll find in a woman's handbag, so the purse game is guaranteed to get big laughs.

This game is good for traditional and girlfriend showers.

Handbags collect all manner of oddities, particularly if the owner has young children. What can you learn about a woman by discovering what she chooses to pack in her purse? Who is bold enough -- or competitive enough -- to reveal the deepest, darkest secrets of her constant companion? Bigger is better in the handbag scavenger hunt game.

Before the shower, the hostess makes a list of items that might be found in a purse and assigns points to each item -- low points for common stuff and high points for things you don't expect to see popping out of a purse. Here are some item and point suggestions (of course, the items and their points are up to you):

  • Five-point items: Keys, mirror, lipstick/lip balm, nail file, lotion, business card, pen, mints/gum, cellphone (deduct points if phone is on during the shower)
  • 10-point items: Eyeglass cleaning cloth, scissors, notepad, tissue, hand sanitizer, prescription medication, work/school ID
  • 20-point items: Adhesive bandage, book of matches/lighter, flashlight, measuring tape, multifunction tool, voter registration card
  • 30-point items: Deck of cards, eyelash curler, sewing kit, whistle, toilet paper, bottle of water
  • 40-point items: CPR face shield, first aid kit, snacks, carabiner, compass

Bridesmaids keep track of the points and announce them at the end. The player with the most points could win an appropriate prize, like a heating pad to sooth her aching back. However, if the hostess is brave and knows the guests well, she could throw in one final item to clench the game. This item needs to be specific and uncommon, like keys to a tractor, a full change of clothes or a taser. Any guest who can pull that from her bag wins, regardless of points. This game-changer must be handled carefully, though. If it smells too much like a fix, polite ladies could transform into mutinous sailors.

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