10 Traditional Wedding Shower Games


Bride (or Couple) Trivia

This is a challenging sit-down game for all showers. How well do the guests really know the lucky couple? Find out with a bride or couple trivia game.

For this game, the hostess creates a quiz of trivia questions for guests to complete. She doesn't need to know all the answers up front. They'll be revealed in the end. Questions can delve into the past and probe into the future. Here are some examples:

  • Where did the bride/groom graduate from high school or college?
  • What's her/his dream travel destination?
  • What was her/his first job, car, pet, broken bone, etc.?
  • What's her/his favorite ice cream, sports team, musician/band, book, movie, etc.?
  • How did the couple meet?
  • What size shoe does she/he wear?
  • What does she/he put in her/his coffee?
  • How many speeding tickets has she/he been awarded?
  • What word (or phrase or habit) really ticks her/him off?

The bride (and groom, if present) fills out the quiz, too. Their answers become the answer key against which players answers are checked. The person who's known the guest of honor the longest -- her or his mom -- doesn't necessarily have an advantage in this game.

In a variation of this game, the hostess or bridesmaids come up with a list of true and false stories about the bride or couple. They tell the stories, and the guests decide which stories actually happened, and which are pure (or mostly) fiction.

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